Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
[detail level 123]
 NGivaroNamespace in which the whole Givaro library resides
 NRecIntNOTE : For this common file, either basic/reduc.h or mg/reduc.h has to be pre-included
 CSigned_Trait< double >
 CSigned_Trait< float >
 CSigned_Trait< int >
 CSigned_Trait< long >
 CSigned_Trait< long long >
 CSigned_Trait< short >
 CSigned_Trait< signed char >
 CSigned_Trait< unsigned char >
 CSigned_Trait< unsigned int >
 CSigned_Trait< unsigned long >
 CSigned_Trait< unsigned long long >
 CSigned_Trait< unsigned short >