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Bits Class Reference

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#include <givbits.h>

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Public Types

typedef size_t base

Public Member Functions

 Bits ()
 Bits (const size_t n)
 Bits (const Bits &B)
 ~Bits ()
const Bits operator& (const Bits &A) const
Bitsandin (const Bits &A, const Bits B)
Bitsoperator&= (const Bits &A)
const Bits operator| (const Bits &A) const
Bitsorin (const Bits &A, const Bits B)
Bitsoperator|= (const Bits &A)
const Bits operator^ (const Bits &A) const
Bitsxorin (const Bits &A, const Bits B)
Bitsoperator^= (const Bits &A)
const Bits operator~ () const
Bitsnotin (const Bits &A)
Bitscopy (const Bits &src)
Bitsoperator= (const Bits &B)
Bitslogcopy (const Bits &src)
long numone () const
void indexofone (Array0< Bits::base > &) const
size_t length () const
void clear ()
void clear (const int i)
void set ()
void set (const int i)
int get (const int i) const
int operator[] (const int i) const
int operator[] (const size_t i) const
std::ostream & print (std::ostream &o) const

Protected Types

typedef Array0< Bits::baseRep

Protected Member Functions

 Bits (const Rep &r)

Protected Attributes

Rep rep


class GivModule

Detailed Description


Member Typedef Documentation

typedef size_t base
typedef Array0<Bits::base> Rep

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Bits ( )
Bits ( const size_t  n)
Bits ( const Bits B)
~Bits ( )
Bits ( const Rep r)

Member Function Documentation

const Bits operator& ( const Bits A) const
Bits & andin ( const Bits A,
const Bits  B 
Bits & operator&= ( const Bits A)
const Bits operator| ( const Bits A) const
Bits & orin ( const Bits A,
const Bits  B 
Bits & operator|= ( const Bits A)
const Bits operator^ ( const Bits A) const
Bits & xorin ( const Bits A,
const Bits  B 
Bits & operator^= ( const Bits A)
const Bits operator~ ( ) const
Bits & notin ( const Bits A)
Bits & copy ( const Bits src)
Bits & operator= ( const Bits B)
Bits & logcopy ( const Bits src)
long numone ( ) const
void indexofone ( Array0< Bits::base > &  index) const
size_t length ( ) const
void clear ( )
void clear ( const int  i)
void set ( )
void set ( const int  i)
int get ( const int  i) const
int operator[] ( const int  i) const
int operator[] ( const size_t  i) const
std::ostream & print ( std::ostream &  o) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class GivModule

Field Documentation

Rep rep

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