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GeneralRingNonZeroRandIter< Ring, RandIter > Class Template Reference

Random iterator for nonzero random numbers. More...

#include <givranditer.h>

Public Types

typedef Ring::Element Element

Public Member Functions

 GeneralRingNonZeroRandIter (const Ring &F, const RandIter &r)
 GeneralRingNonZeroRandIter (const GeneralRingNonZeroRandIter &R)
 ~GeneralRingNonZeroRandIter ()
Elementrandom (Element &a) const

Detailed Description

template<class Ring, class RandIter = typename Ring::RandIter>
class Givaro::GeneralRingNonZeroRandIter< Ring, RandIter >

Random iterator for nonzero random numbers.

Wraps around an existing random iterator and ensures that the output is entirely nonzero numbers. Imported from FFLAS-FFPACK NonzeroRandIter - AB 2015-01-12

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef Ring::Element Element

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GeneralRingNonZeroRandIter ( const Ring &  F,
const RandIter &  r 
GeneralRingNonZeroRandIter ( const GeneralRingNonZeroRandIter< Ring, RandIter > &  R)

Member Function Documentation

Element& random ( Element a) const

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