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HashTable< T, Key > Class Template Reference

Hash table. More...

#include <givhashtable.h>

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Data Structures

struct  _E
class  Iterator
class  IteratorKey

Public Member Functions

 HashTable (int n=0)
void allocate (int n)
 ~HashTable ()
void freeing ()
void insert (const T &item, const Key &k)
void insertLast (const T &item, const Key &k)
void insertFront (const T &item, const Key &k)
void remove (const Key &k)
void removeall ()
int get (T &item, const Key &k) const
int getrmv (T &item, const Key &k)
int num_item (const Key &k) const

Data Fields

int num
_E ** tabH
_E ** tabE

Detailed Description

template<class T, class Key>
class Givaro::HashTable< T, Key >

Hash table.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HashTable ( int  n = 0)
~HashTable ( )

Member Function Documentation

void allocate ( int  n)
void freeing ( )
void insert ( const T &  item,
const Key k 
void insertLast ( const T &  item,
const Key k 
void insertFront ( const T &  item,
const Key k 
void remove ( const Key k)
void removeall ( )
int get ( T &  item,
const Key k 
) const
int getrmv ( T &  item,
const Key k 
int num_item ( const Key k) const

Field Documentation

int num
_E** tabH
_E** tabE

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