Modular< IntType, COMP > Class Template Referenceabstract

Forward declaration for Givaro::Modular. More...

#include <modular-inttype.h>

Inherits FiniteFieldInterface< _Element >.

Detailed Description

template<typename IntType, typename COMP>
class Givaro::Modular< IntType, COMP >

Forward declaration for Givaro::Modular.

This class implement the standard arithmetic with Modulo Elements.

Elements will be stored in the storage type. While arithmetics will occur on the unsigned version of COMP type. Example: Modular<int32_t, uint64_t>

examples/FiniteField/all_field.C, examples/FiniteField/exponentiation.C, examples/FiniteField/ff_arith.C, examples/FiniteField/kronecker.C, examples/FiniteField/zpz_atomic.C, examples/Integer/iexponentiation.C, examples/Integer/ModularSquareRoot.C, examples/Polynomial/interpolate.C, and examples/Polynomial/PolynomialCRT.C.

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