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Poly1PadicDom< Domain, Dense > Class Template Referenceabstract

Poly1 p-adic. More...

#include <givpoly1padic.h>

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Public Member Functions

Repsetdegree (Rep &P) const
 Compute the degree of P. More...
size_t & sqrfree (size_t &Nfact, Rep *Fact, const Rep &P) const
 Sqrfree decomposition. More...

Detailed Description

template<class Domain>
class Givaro::Poly1PadicDom< Domain, Dense >

Poly1 p-adic.

Member Function Documentation

Poly1Dom< Domain, Dense >::Rep & setdegree ( Rep P) const

Compute the degree of P.

this is an infamous function that may not leave P constant !!
size_t & sqrfree ( size_t &  Nfact,
Rep Fact,
const Rep P 
) const

Sqrfree decomposition.

Decompose P such that: P = Fact[0]^0 * Fact[1]^1 * ... * Fact[]^(, with Fact[0] the leading coefficient. The array Fact must be allocated before calling the function. The size of Fact must be degP+1 is all factors should be computed. For more readeable version of the algorithm, see Geddes, p342.

Nfact[in] the size of Fact
Fact[in] an array of dimension Nfact
Nfact[out] is the number of factor in the sqrfree decomposition
Fact[out] contains at most Nfact factors of the decomposition.

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